The job recruitment platform OneNewOne is going to compete with global giants!

Entrepreneur Tunç Erman, who has 20 years of experience in the job recruitment world and has been involved in Turkey’s largest employment projects, is preparing to compete with global giants with the artificial intelligence-based job recruitment platform OneNewOne.

With its unique service offerings, which are exclusive to Turkey, and a valuation of 2 million dollars, the company’s primary goal is to expand across all of Europe, starting from Eastern Europe.

Founded in 2019 with the aim of minimizing the length and cost of traditional recruitment processes, the artificial intelligence-based job recruitment platform OneNewOne began its operations in 2021 after a two-year R&D process. Making a rapid difference in recruitment with artificial intelligence and collaborating with some of Turkey’s biggest brands, OneNewOne attracted the attention of investors with its success. Last September, the company secured its first investor with a valuation of one million dollars, reaching a valuation of 2 million dollars in just 5 months. Additionally, it was selected as one of the three startups to advance to the international program by making it to the finals of the ITU Big Bang competition.

“Two-Hour Job Placement”

The founder of the company, Tunç Erman, stated that they continue to invest with the goal of “transforming recruitment processes from start to finish.” He said, “Before artificial intelligence came into play, HR employees had to make 3,500 phone calls to hire 100 people. With this method, the global average for the recruitment process was 42 days. Nowadays, with OneNewOne technology, we integrate candidate pools in different formats within seconds. With smart classification and matching features, we find the most suitable person among approximately 1.6 million candidates. Artificial intelligence conducts written and oral interviews with the requested candidate as if it were an expert in that field. The candidate most suitable for the position the employer desires can start working within approximately 2 hours. The accuracy rate of the employee placed by artificial intelligence is 90%. With traditional methods of recruitment, only one HR employee who could achieve this accuracy rate would need to undergo rigorous training for three years. We offer a completely new recruitment experience to the business world.”


OneNewOne, the process of reaching the right talent (candidate), which is one of the most laborious and challenging processes in recruitment, is handled by artificial intelligence. The AI technology classifies and matches the CV pool within minutes and allows the completion of preliminary interviews with the “Smart Interview” module. Tunç Erman, emphasizing that OneNewOne offers great opportunities for both employers and job seekers, said, “Artificial intelligence conducts interviews with candidates anytime, anywhere, whether written or oral, through smart interviews. It generates both technical and competency-based questions on its own. If a candidate wants to approach the questions from a different perspective, it gently nudges them to focus on the topic. It personalizes the interview by determining new questions based on the answers provided by the candidate or by requesting further details. It reports the interview to the company within minutes. Smart interviews minimize the time spent with candidates who do not meet the criteria, making the interview process more effective for the employer. Looking at the job seeker side, instead of searching for jobs for days, it is enough for them to upload their CVs to the platform for free. Artificial intelligence brings them the most suitable opportunities. They used to miss interviews for new jobs while working in their current jobs. Now we offer them the opportunity to conduct interviews anytime and anywhere with artificial intelligence.”

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