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If you want to be choosing one, not the chosen one, you are in the right place! We present suitable opportunities to you by protecting your privacy and using artificial intelligence.

Only by choosing the companies in front of you which are you desire. You can be involved in the recruitment processes.
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Your Candidate Pool!
We find the most suitable candidates for the position you required through artificial intelligence technology.
We automatically conduct pre-interviews and necessary tests. and present the successful and interested candidate for your evaluation.
You can use it for free until the first real position match.

Companies Using OneNewOne

Live Average Statistics of Companies using Fast, Efficient, Low Cost, New Generation AI Based OneNewOne Application Tracking System

2 Days

Time for Seeing Candidates
After the Eliminations

3 Days

Time For the First Candidate Interviews

21 Days

Time For Onboarding

683 TL

Cost for Each Onboarding

Are you a candidate?

Looking for new opportunities?

No listings available. You will be included in the recruitment process only if you want to continue with the offered opportunity. After filling the necessary questions or tests, you will be presented to the company.

The skills requested by companies related to your profession but you need to improve will be your guidance for your self-improvement.

You will reach the evaluation of the proposed company and working conditions completed by our members who have previously worked in this company. This will help you make the right decision about the opportunity.

Are you a company?

Do you want to hire the right employee quickly?

It takes only a few minutes to send an evaluation invitation to the candidates via e-mail, by extracting those who are suitable for the position you have opened from your existing candidate pool of 1000s with artificial intelligence technology.

The requested questions and tests are automatically directed to the invited candidates. The shortlist is automatically sent to the authorized people with the written or video answers of the accepted candidates.

The authorized people appointed by you can make live interviews with the candidates. The recordings of interviews and notes of the interviewers can be watched repeatedly by the authorized people.

Both the performances of the authorized people and every stage of the recruitment process can be monitored instantly with the company, position, process stages.

The costs of job postings, purchasing new candidates, searching for new candidates and accordingly wasting time with the wrong candidates are decreasing with the features of the system. Besides this, the whole process takes place through the system, there will be no call and telephone costs.

Difference of OneNewOne Application Tracking System


Candidates are presented to the company after the pre-interviews are automatically completed. The positions are shown to candidates who are suitable for the position according to the system. The whole process and communication will take place only by automatic e-mail.


All communication is only based on e-mail. For this reason, both companies authorized people and candidates can continue the process comfortably and whenever they are available. There will be no telephone traffic and expenses that will make it difficult during working hours.


Every process completed by the candidates or company is immediately notified to both sides via e-mail. For this reason, company authorized people will be able to take the next step immediately.


There is no waiting time between processes, as all processes are instantly notified to the relevant side and displayed live on the site. In addition, transactions that can be done with a single button can be done at any time, regardless of place and time.

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