Artificial Intelligence and Recruitment, ONO Expanding to Global Markets!

The combination of artificial intelligence (AI) and recruitment processes offers various advantages in the business world. One of the innovations in this field is the Smart Matching and Smart Interview systems developed by a company named OneNewOne (ONO). Following its success in Turkey, ONO is now preparing to step into the markets of Hungary, Bulgaria, and Greece in four different languages.

ONO’s AI-based solutions make recruitment processes more effective and efficient. Smart Matching enables quick and accurate matching of skills and experiences of applicants with job postings, assisting employers in identifying the most suitable candidates. This helps minimize time losses in the recruitment process.

The Smart Interview system provides a more objective evaluation among candidates. AI conducts a detailed analysis based on candidates’ tone of voice, expressions, and responses, offering employers a comprehensive insight. This ensures a fair evaluation process, leading to more accurate recruitment decisions.

ONO’s expansion beyond Turkey to the region is noteworthy, as it not only operates in a single language but offers services in four different languages. This allows local employers and candidates to fully benefit from ONO’s advantages.

AI-based recruitment processes play a crucial role in creating a faster, more efficient, and fair competitive environment in the business world. With ONO’s technological innovations, the quality and accuracy levels in recruitment processes increase, enabling companies to carry out human resources management more strategically and successfully.

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