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First Step: First Meeting

Whether you want to register for your company for FREE using the "Company Registration" button below, let's tell you how to easily get rid of your expenses while hiring, let's set it up together.


Second Step: Identifying Initial Position

You can open the first position you need, define the details and what you are looking for and talk to your OneNewOne SUPPORT ASSISTANT who will always work for you, make an evaluation and get tips.


Third Step: Defining Your Recruitment Scenario

Let's define the reasons for screening you need in the preliminary interviews for the positions you have opened, your questions, your tests, your interviewers, the necessary documents when hiring, etc. together. The right scenario will enable you to reach the right candidates quickly and easily.


Fourth Step: Candidate Selection, Evaluation, Preliminary Interview

When it is time for selecting and evaluating the most suitable candidates for your position from among 10,000 available candidates, while you drink your coffee, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE OneNewONE will do it for you before you run out of coffee. When the candidates start to arrive, OneNewOne will complete the preliminary interviews and direct you to your interviewer while you do your other work.


Fifth Step: Process with Candidates

Make your interviews by seeing the candidates' answers to your questions, their education, experience background, abilities, of course, it will be recorded. Thus, other managers will watch and maybe decide without meeting. The whole process until the recruitment is recorded, transparent, fast and the reports are ready for you.


Sixth Step: Decision Time

When you believe that the processes experienced with real positions and real candidates solve your problems, you can continue to use and benefit by purchasing and uploading your own candidates. You will have 30 days FREE for this evaluation.


Last Step: Completing the Process

You will continue the process according to the authorizations you have made with the candidates presented to you. You can make interviews and recordings of the interviews and have them watched by all authorized people. You can follow all the processes in the process with details; You can reach all kinds of reports based on company, position, candidate.


What is ONO ?

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