Smart Offer and Document Management

Solution That Increases Offer Acceptance Rate with Artificial Intelligence

Would you like to learn the market equivalent of the position you are looking for?

How much should you offer to the candidate you are going to hire?

Smart Offer

With ONO Smart Compensation module, we provide HR professionals with accurate recommendations during the job offer process. When deciding on compensation with artificial intelligence, we consider the candidate’s past experiences, skill and experience set, and the average of candidates in similar positions.

Using artificial intelligence, we analyse job descriptions and requirements, proposing a salary range based on industry standards for similar positions. We consider competitive advantages and sectoral norms. We consider the candidate’s past performance data, project achievements, and the value they can bring to the company.

ONO Smart Interview learns and improves by analysing offer acceptances and negative feedback during the process. It automatically executes the offer process according to the employer’s scenario, handling approval steps on its own.

Online Document Management

Now, there is no need for payroll teams to track the onboarding documents; we track the onboarding documents for you. Once the documents are completed, we transfer them to your payroll teams in the format you desire.

We automatically transfer the candidate profile to the payroll programs you use. You can design document scenarios as you wish.

With our integrations that ensure the accuracy of the documents, you can securely complete your recruitment process.

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