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Discover the Power of Innovation: Artificial Intelligence-supported Headhunting Solutions!

With over 20 years of experience in the recruitment industry, we can effectively manage your recruitment processes with our advanced ONO technology and a candidate pool of over 1.6 million professionals classified by artificial intelligence. Whether you are looking for a single talent or aiming to manage bulk recruitment processes, we can provide you with customized solutions within the framework of defined KPIs and SLAs.
Our experienced consultants in various markets such as the United Kingdom,
Turkey, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Greece, Romania, Israel, Austria, the
United Arab Emirates, and Azerbaijan actively work to find the most suitable
talents for you and place them in the right positions.
We have an extensive candidate pool in sectors such as IT recruitment, digital,
aviation, finance, retail, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. With our AI-
supported solutions, we can optimize your recruitment processes by providing
the fastest and most cost-effective solutions.
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ONO generates, categorizes, matches, and presents the 'Smart Candidate Pool' for you, placing the Shortlist at your fingertips through 'Smart Interviews' and providing support in recruiting top talent.
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