OneNewOne: Leading Recruitment Platform Shaping the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Our founder, Tunç Erman, with over 20 years of experience in the recruitment world, has been involved in and managed some of the largest international employment projects. He has experienced the complexities and intensity of recruitment in numerous projects. The length and cost of traditional recruitment processes caught Erman’s attention, leading him to focus on developing technological solutions based on his acquired experiences.

In response to these challenges, we have developed OneNewOne with the aim of completely transforming the recruitment process. Under Erman’s leadership, our team seamlessly integrates candidate pools in various formats within seconds, bringing thousands of candidates together with the right positions through the “Smart Classification” and “Smart Matching” features.

Our OneNewOne Research and Development team in the field of artificial intelligence and software continuously works on innovative solutions to optimize recruitment processes. Simultaneously, our growth and customer satisfaction team puts constant effort into maximizing user experience.

Our mission is to make recruitment processes faster, more efficient, and fairer, establishing strong connections between employers and candidates. OneNewOne, driven by this vision, offers a brand-new recruitment experience to the business world.

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