User Agreement

This Membership Agreement (“Agreement”) has been concluded electronically between the user who approves this Agreement with ONE HUMAN SOFTWARE AND CONSULTANCY INDUSTRY TRADE JOINT STOCK COMPANY with its registered office at “Reşitpaşa Neighborhood, Katar Street, ITU ARI Teknokent 3 Building No: 4, Inner Door No: B109, Sarıyer/Istanbul,” and the user who agrees to the terms and rules on the Platform under the domain name “,” and it has become effective.

This Membership Agreement specifies the rules and conditions for the use of the Platform and regulates the rights and obligations of the Parties accordingly.

All visits to the Platform and transactions conducted by Users on the Platform are subject to this Membership Agreement. Please read the terms below to use the website.

By becoming a Member of the Platform, you acknowledge that you have read this Membership Agreement, fully understand its content, unconditionally accept all the matters specified in the Membership Agreement and other attachments that are an integral part of it, and all the matters specified on the Platform and any additional terms and conditions that may be added over time. If you do not accept these conditions, please refrain from using the Platform.

By accepting the Membership Agreement, you declare that you are of legal age, have the legal capacity to enter into binding agreements within the legal framework, and have the necessary legal permissions to use the Platform. If you are using the Platform on behalf of a company, you declare that you are authorized to represent the company and have all the necessary powers to act on behalf of the company.

OneNewOne reserves the right to change, update, and renew all of the content of this Membership Agreement at any time without any notice. It is the responsibility of the Members to follow the updates on the Platform. The updated Membership Agreement will be effective from the moment it is published on the Platform, and the use of the Platform will be subject to the updated Membership Agreement from that moment on. Therefore, please regularly follow the “Membership Agreement” page.

By accepting the Membership Agreement, you also declare that you are legally of age, capable of entering into binding agreements within the legal framework, and competent to assume any obligation, necessity, confirmation, agency, and guarantee specified in this Membership Agreement for legal purposes.

OneNewOne reserves the right to suspend your account or terminate the use of the Platform if you violate this Membership Agreement, remove all content you provide, and, if necessary, take legal action in case of illegality.



Platform: The website owned by OneNewOne consisting of the domain name and its subdomains, where Members can benefit from the services provided by OneNewOne.

User: Any real person accessing the Platform.

Member(s): A “User” who opens a membership account on the Platform and benefits from the services offered within the scope of this agreement.

Parties: Member and/or OneNewOne.

Membership Agreement: An electronic agreement concluded between the User and OneNewOne, which is an integral part of the terms and conditions on the Platform, and is concluded by the User’s electronic approval, stating that the User understands and accepts the Membership Agreement.

Membership Account: The entirety of internet pages specific to the Member, accessed through the “username” and “password” that the Member undertakes to use exclusively and exclusively for themselves, where the Member performs the necessary transactions to benefit from the services offered within the Platform.

Services: Services offered to Users within the scope of the contents on the Platform.

  1. OneNewOne cannot be held responsible for any errors, system slowness, or inability to use the Platform due to the devices and/or internet connections used by Members. Members agree that access to the Platform may be temporarily blocked to implement improvements and other changes on the Platform.
  2. OneNewOne or its group companies, affiliates, subsidiaries, directors, representatives, employees, or other representatives are not liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive, and/or any other damages resulting from the use or inability to use the Platform by the Members.
  3. Members accept and declare that OneNewOne is not responsible for any content or information entered on the Platform by Members, and that the Members themselves are responsible for the content and information they enter on the Platform.
  4. OneNewOne has the right to use the personal data of the Members within the framework of the “Privacy Policy” specified on the Platform. Members can access the Privacy Policy and review the terms in detail.
  5. Members may not use the Platform to engage in activities that violate the law or the rights of others.
  1. The Membership Agreement becomes effective upon the User’s approval. Members are deemed to have accepted the Membership Agreement and other provisions specified on the Platform by creating a Membership Account.
  2. Members are required to provide accurate, complete, and up-to-date information during the membership process and update this information in case of any changes. Otherwise, OneNewOne has the right to suspend or terminate the Member’s account.
  3. Members are responsible for the security of their username and password. Members cannot share their username and password with others, and they are solely responsible for any actions performed through their accounts.
  4. Members agree not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell, or exploit any part of the Platform, use of the Platform, or access to the Platform without the express written permission of OneNewOne.
  1. Members can terminate their membership at any time by using the relevant option on the Platform or by notifying OneNewOne in writing. In case of termination of membership, the rights and obligations arising from this Membership Agreement will also be terminated.
  2. OneNewOne reserves the right to suspend or terminate the membership of Members who violate the Membership Agreement or engage in activities that are illegal or contrary to the principles of integrity, ethics, and good faith.
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