Interview with AI (Artificial Intelligence)

In the realm of human resources, artificial intelligence is now revolutionizing the recruitment processes. OneNewOne’s ONO with Artificial Intelligence conducting video interviews with candidates, performing voice and emotion analysis, and conversing with candidates as if they were colleagues has become a reality. This technology is paving the way for a revolution in the recruitment process, allowing for more efficient and objective decision-making.

ONO Smart Interview takes on a significant role in recruitment by analyzing positions, examining candidates’ CVs, and asking tailored questions based on the requirements of the position. Furthermore, elaborating on questions based on candidates’ responses helps reveal their true potential, providing employers with a more robust assessment.

This technology also offers a multilingual interview experience, playing an effective role in the global workforce market. By reporting the outcome of interviews to HR, it clearly identifies candidates’ strengths and areas for development.

With the imminent introduction of facial expression recognition technology, the recruitment process will further evolve, enabling more robust decision-making by considering candidates’ emotional states.

OneNewOne’s research and development efforts are accelerating the learning process of artificial intelligence, making the process easier and more comfortable for candidates. Particularly, young individuals can easily communicate with artificial intelligence and conduct interviews from anywhere they prefer.

While ONO Smart Interview currently supports HR departments in preliminary interview processes, it swiftly learns about the organization, its needs, and its culture, enhancing the efficiency of the recruitment process. Consequently, it provides a more effective recruitment experience for both employers and candidates.

Terms such as “artificial intelligence interview,” “artificial intelligence in job interviews,” and “artificial intelligence in recruitment” have become indispensable in the business world. The use of artificial intelligence technologies in human resource management is increasingly widespread, leading to more objective, efficient, and effective recruitment processes.

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