Artificial Intelligence Era in Recruitment

Entrepreneur Tunç Erman, who has 20 years of experience in the recruitment world and has been involved in Turkey’s largest employment projects, is preparing to compete with global giants with his artificial intelligence-based recruitment platform, OneNewOne. The company, which has a valuation of $2 million and offers unique service privileges in Turkey, aims to expand across Europe, starting from Eastern Europe.


Founded in 2019 with the aim of minimizing the length and cost of traditional recruitment processes, the artificial intelligence-based recruitment platform OneNewOne commenced its operations in 2021 after a two-year R&D period. OneNewOne quickly made a difference in recruitment with artificial intelligence and collaborated with some of Turkey’s largest brands, attracting the attention of investors with its success. Last September, the company received its first investment with a valuation of one million dollars, and within a short period of five months, it reached a valuation of two million dollars.

Selected as one of the three startups to advance to the international program at the ITU Big Bang finals, the company’s founder Tunç Erman stated, “We continue to invest with the goal of transforming the recruitment process from start to finish.” Before the introduction of artificial intelligence, HR personnel had to conduct 3,500 phone interviews to hire 100 people. Using OneNewOne’s technology, we integrate candidate pools in different formats within seconds. With intelligent classification and matching features, we find the most suitable person among approximately 1.6 million candidates. Artificial intelligence conducts written and oral interviews with the desired candidate as if it were an expert in the job. The candidate most suitable for the position the employer desires can start working within about 2 hours. The accuracy rate of the employee placed by artificial intelligence is 90%. In contrast, achieving this rate in traditional recruitment methods requires only one HR employee to undergo rigorous training for three years. We offer a brand new recruitment experience to the business world.”

It also determines the fee

Tunç Erman, stating that they provide accurate recommendations to HR professionals during the job offer process with OneNewOne’s “Smart Salary Module,” also mentioned, “When making salary decisions with artificial intelligence, we take into account the candidate’s past experiences, skill sets, and experience, as well as the average of similar candidates. We analyze the job description and requirements with artificial intelligence and suggest a salary scale based on industry standards for similar positions. We consider competitive advantages and sectoral norms. We take into account the candidate’s past performance data, project successes, and the value they can provide to the company.”

The rest is in Dünya…

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