Domestic artificial intelligence that finds a job within 2 hours

The Turkish entrepreneur Tunç Erman developed an artificial intelligence-based recruitment platform called “OneNewOne.” This platform can conduct smart interviews in written and spoken forms in five different languages: Turkish, English, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Greek. Shortly after its launch in Turkey, the platform quickly expanded to Europe. It received a valuation of $2 million within a short period. Additionally, it was selected for the prestigious ITU Big Bang final, one of Turkey’s largest entrepreneurship events, and chosen for an international program. The platform connects the most suitable candidates from a pool of 1.6 million resumes with relevant employers within 2 hours.

Thousands of Phone Calls Eliminated

Tunç Erman mentioned that before the involvement of artificial intelligence, HR employees made an average of 3,500 phone calls to hire 100 people, stating, “With this method, the global average for the hiring process was 42 days. Nowadays, we integrate candidate pools in a short time. The accuracy of a candidate placed by artificial intelligence is 90%. With traditional methods, HR personnel need to undergo rigorous training to achieve this rate.”

Smart Salary Scale

Erman emphasized that artificial intelligence generates technical and competency-based questions during interviews. He continued, “If a candidate wants to approach the questions from a different perspective, artificial intelligence gently warns them to focus on the topic. It determines new questions based on the candidate’s answers. The platform can also make job offers through the ‘Smart Salary Module.’ Taking into account the candidate’s past experiences, achievements, and skills, it proposes a salary scale according to industry standards for similar positions.”

Continuous Self-Improvement

Tunç Erman explained that with the candidate database, algorithms constantly improving themselves, and an intelligent interview system, they are bringing a new dimension to the HR sector. He added, “We work with many leading brands worldwide. As our first step towards global expansion, we established a company in the capital of the UK, London. Currently, we are heavily involved with Hungary. We recently entered the markets of Greece and Bulgaria. We will soon be in Germany.”

Talking Like a Doctor with a Doctor

One of the most important features of the advanced artificial intelligence here is its ability to converse like a programmer with a programmer, a pilot with a pilot, a doctor with a doctor, or a teacher with a teacher. Depending on the employer’s request, interview results can be instantly communicated to the candidate. The platform can also track onboarding documents and automatically transfer candidate profiles to payroll programs in use.

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