OneNewOne determines the employee’s salary

OneNewOne, an AI-based recruitment platform, is gearing up to compete with global giants. Being the sole provider of its service in Turkey and valued at $2 million, the company’s primary goal is to expand throughout Europe. Tunç Erman, the founder of the company, states that CVs are classified, matched, and preliminary interviews are conducted within minutes through the platform’s “Smart Interview” module. He says, “Before the involvement of artificial intelligence, HR employees had to make 3,500 phone calls to hire 100 people. With this method, the average recruitment process took 42 days worldwide. Today, with OneNewOne technology, we integrate candidate pools in different formats within seconds.

With smart classification and matching features, we find the most suitable person among approximately 1.6 million candidates. Artificial intelligence conducts written and verbal interviews like an expert in the requested position. The candidate most suitable for the employer’s desired position can start working within about 2 hours. The accuracy rate of the employee placed by artificial intelligence is 90%. However, with conventional methods, only one HR employee who can achieve this rate must undergo rigorous training for three years.”

Erman also mentions that OneNewOne provides accurate recommendations to HR professionals with the “Smart Salary Module,” saying, “Artificial intelligence suggests a salary by looking at the skills, experience set, and average of similar candidates.” Erman highlights that the global recruitment market has reached $36 billion, with Turkey’s market being at the level of $300 million. He adds, “As a step towards our goal of global expansion, we have established a company in London. We are currently heavily involved with Hungary. We recently entered the markets of Greece and Bulgaria. We will be in Germany very soon. OneNewOne’s artificial intelligence can currently provide services in Turkish, English, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Greek.”

The rest is in Teknoloji…

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