What does your CV say about you?

Dear Candidates,


Taking the next step in your career has never been easier. Thanks to the ONO artificial intelligence CV evaluation feature developed by the OneNewOne R&D team, we delve into the depths of your CV and provide you with crucial insights about your career. This groundbreaking feature, developed for you, evaluates your CV in 17 different verticals, providing information on your professional experience, strengths, areas for improvement, and guiding you on which career paths to pursue.

First and foremost, we analyze your professional experience down to the finest detail. We examine which industries you’ve worked in, the positions you’ve held, and the duration of your tenure in these positions. This enables us to determine in which areas you have gained more experience and which of your skills are stronger.

Your job change processes are also an important source of data for us. We analyze your past job changes, the reasons behind them, and their impact on your career. This allows us to determine in which types of work environments you excel and which types of jobs are more suitable for you.

Identifying your strengths and pinpointing areas for improvement are among our top priorities. By analyzing which of your skills are more prominent and which areas you could further develop, we provide guidance for your personal growth.

Most importantly, we guide you on which direction your career should take. By determining in which industries and positions you could excel and outlining what you need to do to achieve your career goals, we suggest the most suitable career paths for you.

The ONO artificial intelligence CV evaluation feature provides you with a significant advantage in your career journey. Finding the most suitable positions and advancing in your career is now much easier. We, as the ONO team, take pride in being with you every step of your career.

In the future, it is expected that AI-supported systems will play an even more important role in people’s career journeys. Technological advancements and changing needs in the business world require individuals to continuously develop and renew themselves. AI-supported systems like ONO have become crucial tools to help individuals achieve their career goals, and this trend is expected to continue in the future.

Remember, your career is in your hands, and the ONO artificial intelligence CV evaluation feature is here to support you. As you take your next step, we are here for you.

Best Regards,

ONO Team

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