It's Time to Experience Recruitment with Artificial Intelligence!
ONO generates, categorizes, matches, and presents the 'Smart Candidate Pool' for you, placing the Shortlist at your fingertips through 'Smart Interviews' and providing support in recruiting top talent.
Shaping Smart Recruitment Together
Experience job interviews anytime, anywhere with Smart Interview!

Smart Interview offers candidates the freedom to conduct job interviews whenever and wherever they want. The time and costs of traditional interview processes and the difficulties of arranging appointments are eliminated.

It allows you to access interview results quickly. It helps both employers and you manage the process faster.

Enterprises Leveraging OneNewOne
Sorting and Interviews Completed
23 $
Cost of Hiring 1 Person
Average Position Closing Time
2.5 Million
Candidate Pool
Manage All Recruitment from a Single Platform with Artificial Intelligence
Smart CV Pool Creation, Classification and Matching

Artificial intelligence facilitates the rapid integration, categorization, and matching of CVs in various formats. Now, seamlessly incorporating CVs into your system is as simple as a single click, whether sourced from within your organization or the world’s most widely used candidate platforms. Within seconds, artificial intelligence automatically curates your candidate pool, streamlining the identification of the most suitable candidates through effective classification. Accelerate your recruitment process and boost your organization’s success rate by swiftly accessing the best talent.

Smart Talent Search

ONO Smart Search scans the most widely used job search portals in the world and acts like a Headhunter, finding the candidates you need in the shortest time possible! It selects the most suitable candidates from thousands of applicants, allowing you to use your time efficiently. Simply enter a job advertisement to identify candidates that meet your needs! You can also refine your preferences with filters such as experience, education, and language proficiency. This way, ONO Smart Search finds and presents you with exactly the candidates you’re looking for.

Smart Interview

Artificial intelligence has made it feasible to conduct preliminary interviews in four different languages. ONO compares candidates’ CVs with the position requirements and assesses their responses. This not only saves time for both candidates and employers but also ensures an objective and swift evaluation, enhancing the overall effectiveness and efficiency of the recruitment process.

Smart Testing and Interview Automation

Artificial intelligence distinguishes itself with the ability to generate, oversee, and interpret scenarios. ONO excels in simultaneously reaching extensive candidate pools and efficiently managing interview processes. It streamlines operational processes by tracking and analyzing each candidate’s interviews, responses, and other evaluations in meticulous detail.

Smart Offer and Document Management

ONO, a platform that not only enhances the likelihood of employment by accurately determining salary scales when extending job offers but also provides robust support to payroll teams throughout the recruitment process via online document management. By conducting market analysis and leveraging data-driven evaluations based on candidates’ experience and competencies, ONO identifies the most suitable salary scale. This empowers employers to make equitable and competitive job offers.

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Instant feedback

No more waiting for your interview results! ONO offers the chance to receive instant feedback after the interview.

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You enter the platform, integrate your CV with a single click, and the most suitable opportunities come to you. There is no need for extensive searching for positions on job boards anymore.

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We Design Future Hiring Through Learning
Resolves Repetitive Roles

Artificial intelligence analyses data from repetitive job listings to identify trends. It provides valuable insights to employers to adapt to changes in the job market. Selecting the right candidates increases alignment and satisfaction, thereby reducing employee turnover.

Your Announcements are No Longer Ordinary

ONO optimizes job advertisements based on candidates you have previously hired or screened, presenting recruiters with the most suitable text through needs analysis. This ensures that the announcements become more effective.

Values the Experiences of Candidates

Artificial intelligence personalizing the job search process: Analyses experiences, shapes job opportunities! Beyond experience, the occurrences during job interviews are valuable for ONO. Highlights important criteria for candidates without obscuring them.

Learns Based on Company Behaviours

ONO enables recruiters to make objective and data-driven decisions based on data obtained from company behaviours. It quickly adapts to changing business dynamics and provides personalized solutions tailored to the unique needs of each company.

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ONO generates, categorizes, matches, and presents the 'Smart Candidate Pool' for you, placing the Shortlist at your fingertips through 'Smart Interviews' and providing support in recruiting top talent.
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