Artificial Intelligence is Changing Everything in Recruitment

He speaks like a colleague, even determining the salary himself.


Artificial intelligence classifies hundreds of candidates within seconds, schedules interviews, prepares questions, conducts interviews, and presents reports. It communicates with candidates like a programmer with a programmer or a pilot with a pilot. It offers salary proposals considering the candidate’s skill set and experience…


İSMAİL ŞAHİN – Artificial intelligence, which is beginning to enter every aspect of our lives, is also reducing costs and saving time in recruitment processes. Tunç Erman, the founder of the artificial intelligence-based recruitment management system OneNewOne (ONO), entered an automation process based on the knowledge and problems he accumulated after managing national and international recruitments for 20 years. They have created 4 different artificial intelligence dictionaries by dividing CVs into 67 parts entirely unique to them. Now, what a team of 10 people used to do for hours or days, artificial intelligence accomplishes with 90% accuracy within seconds. Tunç Erman pointed out that within the next 15 years, 60% of today’s professions will disappear, emphasizing that artificial intelligence speeds up the recruitment process while ensuring the placement of the most suitable person for the job, satisfying both the employee and the employer. Tunç Erman answered our questions…

Could you briefly tell me about OneNewOne?

Operating in the human resources sector, OneNewOne is an employment platform that utilizes artificial intelligence technology to classify and match the CV pool within minutes and completes preliminary interviews with the “Smart Interview” module. Additionally, with modules such as “Interview and Exam Automations” and “Smart Offer,” it provides HR professionals with the opportunity to manage the entire recruitment process through algorithms that learn from their experiences.

How did the idea of ​​recruitment with artificial intelligence come to your mind?

Having managed thousands of employment processes both domestically and internationally for over 20 years, I found myself in the midst of Turkey’s largest employment projects. Dealing with repetitive tasks and the challenge of training new teams for each project led me to ponder how these processes could be automated. This line of thinking gave rise to the idea of ​​OneNewOne. The idea emerged in 2019. In 2021, we officially established the company. With a team of 6 software developers, we created our dictionaries. However, we did not define it as artificial intelligence at that time. In 2021, we released Version 2. This enabled us to secure a $1 million investment and join ITU Çekirdek, and in 2023, we released Version 3, which we are currently using. With the new version, we have made rapid progress.

The rest is in Milliyet Executive…

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