Artificial intelligence is handling recruitment and conducting interviews on its own!

Dozens of startups operating in various fields are gearing up to compete on the ITU Çekirdek stage, counting down the days to present their technologies to investors.


ITU Çekirdek, one of the leading organizations providing support to local startups, has announced the TOP 50 startups that will take the stage at the Big Bang Startup Challenge this year. Representing eight different sectors including artificial intelligence, mobility, blockchain, fintech, marketplaces, and energy ventures, these 50 startups will compete on December 13-14 to win awards and raise funds from investors. Last year, the startups received over 341 million TL in total awards, investments, and cash support. Some of the notable startups competing this year, operating in diverse fields, are listed below.

The all-in-one solution startup!

OneNewOne, the next-generation recruitment platform, stands out with its artificial intelligence-based “Smart Candidate Classification, Matching,” “Smart Interview,” “Smart Automation,” and “Smart Offer” modules. The AI module suggests suitable jobs and candidates within seconds.

The rest is in Milliyet…

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