The ‘most correct person’ rate of the candidate determined by artificial intelligence is 90 percent!

Entrepreneur Tunç Erman, who has 20 years of experience in the recruitment world, and has been involved in Turkey’s largest employment projects, is preparing to compete with global giants with the artificial intelligence-based recruitment platform, OneNewOne.

Being unique in Turkey with its service privileges and valued at 2 million dollars, the company’s primary goal is to expand across all of Europe, starting from Eastern Europe.

Established in 2019 to minimize the length and cost of traditional recruitment processes, the artificial intelligence-based recruitment platform, OneNewOne, started its operations in 2021 after a two-year R&D process. Making a difference in recruitment with artificial intelligence and collaborating with Turkey’s largest brands, OneNewOne attracted the attention of investors with its success. Last September, the company received its first investment with a valuation of one million dollars and reached a valuation of 2 million dollars in just 5 months. At the same time, it was one of the three startups selected for the ITU Big Bang final, qualifying for the international program.

Opening to the World

Tunç Erman, stating that we do not have direct competitors in Turkey. There are similar processes. However, we differentiate ourselves with our candidate database, learning algorithms, and smart interview system. We have strong competitors in the UK and the US abroad,” mentioned that they work with many leading companies in their field domestically. Tunç Erman, stating that they are progressing with confident steps towards their goal of expanding abroad, parallel to the success they have achieved in a short time, continued as follows:

“The global volume of the online recruitment sector is approximately $36 billion according to 2023 figures. In Turkey, this figure is at the level of $300 million. As a first step in our goal of expanding globally, we established a company in London. We are currently working intensively with Hungary. We entered the Greek and Bulgarian markets a short time ago. We will be in Germany very soon. OneNewOne artificial intelligence can currently provide services in Turkish, English, Hungarian, Bulgarian, and Greek.

The rest is in İş’te Gündem…


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